Complete Pool Service In Phoenix Arizona

Desert Diamond Pool Service is a complete pool service company that offers an elite level of pool system and chemistry knowledge. Desert Diamond strives to differentiate itself from other pool service companies by implementing advanced chemical training and unmatched customer service. We believe that a part of that service means employing clean, courteous, and caring pool professionals. The vast majority of other pool service companies treat your pool with the minimum amount of time and chemicals possible to limit overhead. Desert Diamond will treat your pool unlike any other pool service company, balancing water in accordance with a parameter called saturation index. This goes far beyond simply throwing chlorine tabs into the pool and moving on to the next customer. Balancing your pool to optimize your saturation index number will help to prevent stains, scaling, and will protect your backyard investment.We do this because we understand at Desert Diamond that it isn't just a pool, it's YOUR pool.

The Cutting Edge

As a member of the APSP (Associate of Pool and Spa Professionals), we are dedicated to maintaining the highest of standards in the pool industry. Desert Diamond Pool Service uses only the very best in pool chemicals and stays on the cutting edge regarding pool chemistry and research. Using this in depth pool chemistry knowledge, we implement advanced programs that ensure every time you go into your back yard you'll be met by a sparkling and inviting pool.

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Frustrated with your current pool service?

Ideally your pool should be a source of relaxation, not frustration. But if you're like most people, all of the hidden costs involved can be very irritating. The frustration only gets worse when the so called experts only seem to be interested in taking advantage of your desire for a beautiful sparkling pool. So we ask you; Are you tired of paying retail stores hand over fist for chemicals that never seem to do what they're supposed to? And your pool service person, ever wonder why he/she is in and out of your backyard in 5 minutes or less? Does he or she use the "P" (phosphates) word when things go bad? Ponder why you have to pay him/her for an algae treatment when he/she shows up 4 days late for your weekly maintenance? Can't get a hold of your pool professional for days at a time, and then have to wait another 3 days to get him out to look at your pool? Don't understand how someone could get THAT much mustard on their shirt during their lunch break? Do you wonder why your water never really looks or feels like it did when it was first filled even though an "expert" is supposed to be taking care of it? Perhaps he/she suggested changing your filter or maybe draining your pool for something as simple as a green algae presence? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, you may have wasted a lot of money on excessive actions or snake oil treatments meant to disguise a lack of actual pool chemistry knowledge.

The simple fact of the matter is, there are a lot of pools in Arizona. Just about anybody can pick up a pool pole and attempt to service pools. Often times you will find yourself on the raw end of a deal when you have unknowingly employed someone who lacks the training or knowledge to properly diagnose conditions easily recognized and dealt with by persons with proper training and background.

Desert Diamond Pool Service was created to give pool owners a better option to Average Joe the pool guy. We pride ourselves on being honest, and having a genuine interest in helping people. We are here to use our expertise to make your life easier and protect your aquatic investment. Try us, and the difference will become as clear as your pool water.

Helping The Community

A portion of our profits go to Paws for Love, an animal shelter and adoption facility here in the valley.